Saturday, February 15, 2014

Justice Woman Beats Stereotypes Into Submission!

A lot of people commend me for the Justice Woman web series, not just because it's funny, sexy, outrageous, and all that.  But they really get the message, the context of what the show is about.  And it really makes me happy to know that the fans "get it."  They know exactly what the show is saying and the values that it stands for.

I think the more you know about me, the more you will understand where the mind of "Justice Woman" is at.  I have always been in pursuit of justice, truth and fair dealings for everybody.  That's what attracted me to the legal profession. 

But even before that, I remember as a child I was always in love with the idea of the superhero—a person who is bigger than crime or punishment.  Someone who has the power to make a difference and protect the people who were really getting a bum deal out of life.

Personally speaking, we live in a great decade—one where all the superhero movies are just coming out of the woodwork, and I do love me a Batman, Avengers, Thor, and so on.  Professionally speaking though, I still haven't forgotten what standing up for justice is all about, whether that's as a lawyer, or an actress who plays a super heroine, or an activist in the entertainment profession.

I am proud of Justice Woman, not only because it stands for good old American values of liberty and justice, but also because it embraces the face of New America, this massive melting pot of culture, ethnicity, religion and politics.  This is a show that celebrates a diverse culture, while whipping all those stereotypes into “submission” as the tag line says.  In the series, we not only see a strong Latina female lead, but also a cast of diverse characters, and a lovable gay character in "Robert Gallion/Roberta," Justice Woman's sidekick.  It is a show defined by the strength of minority characters, standing up to injustice.  It's a show that's easy to relate to, but impossible to predict with our zany and creative approach to storytelling.

In the end, I feel that Justice Woman is a quirky but very real and bold commentary on American society in 2014.  We discuss everything from the criminal element, to the dangers of bullying, to the complications of politics, to the virtues of being a hero in both fantasy and in reality.

This is an original web series that is winning accolades and acclaim all over the country and abroad. I am truly proud of Justice Woman and the people who support this groundbreaking, original web series...their support helps us move ever forward into the mainstream eye and make each upcoming season our best yet!

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