Thursday, August 5, 2010

Support Rather Than CoDependence

Okay so my cousin said the following to me about cliff jumping:

"Whatever you needed to give you the courage in the end you still made the decision to go through with it. Think of it as support rather than co-dependence! The key to unlock your Inner Goddess is to believe in yourself and if it takes a bit of someone else's belief in you to make that happen it doesn't lessen your own strength."

She is absolutely right!!! Makes perfect sense. I mean, why couldn't I think of my promise to jump as the support I needed rather than codependence?! I'll tell you the reason's called a "therapist." As I mentioned before, I've only had 2 therapy sessions ever and the therapist immediately diagnosed me as being a codependent. I walked out of those sessions thinking I had some sort of a disease (of course, it's not a disease). I'll admit, I've done quite a few things in life motivated by my desire to not dissappoint others (i.e. became a lawyer - although it has grown on me) and I do have a hard time saying "NO" to others, which oftens puts me in situations I'd prefer not to be in. However, this was different because I really wanted to jump off that cliff so whatever promise I may have made at the time to whomever was not codependency, it was just the support I needed to go ahead and jump and that doesn't diminish my strength at all (and I shouldn't think it does). Thanks for clarifying that cuz!

I knew this blog would be cheaper than a 3rd therapy session.

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